About Us

A Monitoring Center That’s 100% U.S. Based

Once a service provider’s monitoring services are outsourced internationally, you are much more likely to encounter language barriers. This can make things challenging to get a fast reaction when you make use of your medical alert device to call for help. That’s why our monitoring center is located within the United States, so you never have to stress about being unable to comprehend our agents.
Even if you speak a language other than English or Spanish, our emergency agents will still be able to interact with you using an interpretation service.

Why we do what we do

There’s no certainties in life. At one moment, we can be in bed, incapacitate and can not get up. Accidents take place unexpectedly. There’s no way that we will know when these risks happen. We are vulnerable to risk anytime and anywhere we are. Nonetheless, also the wealthiest and most powerful person in the world could experience these risks.

What are we providing?

In a life where we do not get any guarantee, it is essential to always be protected when something bad happens to us and to our family members. It is vital that we could contact medical services immediately or speak to someone for assistance at any time the situation seems to call on.

That is why, we provide you reliable medical alert system services with the group of specialists and agents that will keep you stress-free everywhere you are in the area. Rest assured, we will bring issues expedite without giving you complications on unnecessary questions. We will bring a quick service to your medical problem and will reach out to the appropriate team to deal with the issue that you have.

Major Cities we service around Southwest Florida

Cape Coral
Fort Myers
Avon Park
North Port

Why Consider Our Business?

Our company provides a variety of medical emergency system services to provide comfort to our clients. We widen our services by benefiting from the most up to date technology to readily connect with you wherever you are in the area. We not only protect lives but we often give you security. We will help establish confidence and guarantee that you do not have to feel alone.